Eric Lee Helvey

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   I am a software developer and a software engineer. I am not an entrepeneur; I don't come up with big ideas; I don't believe that I will invent the next big thing. Instead, I am a problem solver. I get things done. I build software systems that meet the needs of the people using them. I build them quickly, robustly and I build them to be maintainable and to scale. The things that I have found most rewarding have been helping my teams to find their idenities and to mature, as individual developers and as a group.


SwapASAP - 01/2013 - Present
   Primary Software Developer for a business-to-business sharing economy web site. The founder had previously developed a prototype website using a freelance web developer. I am currently in the process of rebuilding that prototype with a focus on speed, scalability and privacy.

Mandiant - 08/2006 - 08/2011
   Fourth Software Engineer hired by Mandiant to work on their first product offering - Mandiant Intelligent Response. Primarily responsible for work on the server (Controller) - defined the interfaces used for communication between the Controller and Console (Windows GUI) and Controller and Agents. Implemented those interfaces. Designed the database structure. Built several components of the system including Web Service, Discovery Service, Scheduler Service, and Script Runner Service.
   Initially, the Primary customers of Mandiant's MIR product were Mandiant's consultants. I became the primary point of contact for consultants when they had operational problems. I was able to quickly identify problems and either provide a fix or a workaround to get them operational again. Over time, the amount of time I spent supporting the consultants increased to the point that I was moved to support full time. I was recognized by my peers and my customers for being able to communicate well with our customers and to bring a sense of calm into situations that were highly stressful. During my time as a Principal Support Engineer, 100% of Mandiant customers renewed their support contracts.

Sprint/Nextel - 11/1999 - 08/2006

     Sprint/Nextel - 3/2006 - 8/2006
IBM Contractor for Sprint - 9/2004 - 3/2006
Sprint - 7/2001 - 9/2004
ISCC Contractor for Sprint - 11/1999 - 7/2001
   Technical Lead Developer for group of 6 to 14 developers. Set the standard for tools and practices. Responsible for server configuration and layout. Consulted on project assignments. Worked with customer groups to solidify working relationships and gather project requirements. Received numerous personal and team awards for customer focus and responsiveness.
   Created a web application library used by the team to improve consistency and ability to deliver projects in a timely manner. Library included look and feel, Javascript components, Session Tracking, User Management, Database absraction, Cascading Configuration system, data management and reporting, and user authentication components. Introduced AJAX, Perl, Tcl/Tk/Expect, PHP, CVS, Eclipse, Linux and Use Case based design to my development group. We went from being a team with 25 applications that all looked and acted differently to a team with over 75 applications that had a consistency to them that allowed individual developers to move from application to application easily. Mentored the team on how to use JavaScript for things other than client-side validation.

Alliances.ORG - Web Focused Consulting - 7/1997 - Present

   Created development libraries to encapsulate common functionality: Session Tracking, Database Access, Single Table Database Updates, User Management, Consistent Look And Feel, Configuration Files. Libraries were created in PHP, Perl, Java, VBScript, and TCL. Results are contained in SourceForge Project:
   As the lead of a 4-man development team, built a Community/E-Commerce web site to support eBay sellers. This PHP web application was tightly integrated with eBay for user authentication and auction data.
   Built data aggregation and cleansing tool for Import/Export focused law firm. Law firm provided imort and export data as main frame screen dumps, MS Access databases extracts or Excel spreadsheets as provided by Federal government. Requirements included parsing, cleansing, data validation, integrating data from multiple sources and providing a consolidated Access database file used to feed law firm's reporting database.
   Developed web based total compensation statement web site for a law firm. Windows NT based system using IIS/ASP, Access and JavaScript. Database design and data cleansing were part of the implemention. Data originiated from ProBusiness payroll software and 23 manually maintained or externally provided spreadsheets.
   Nineteen years of system administration experience with Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and Solaris.

Lucent Technologies - 7/1998 - 11/1999

   Worked on the initial port of Lucent's NetMinder network monitoring tool to a web based interface. Primarily focused on backend data collection and collation.

Ohio University Internetworking Research Group - 8/1996 - 8/1998

   Wrote the trafgen application, a research tool designed to simulate real networks and generate safe traffic according traffic patterns observed.
   Updated tcplib by generating new network traffic data, and accommodating the existence of http in the simulation package. Updated tcptrace by adding a module to collect and report data needed by "tcplib".

Mountain CAD Corporation - 5/1996 - 12/1997

   Web site design and development. Telephone technical support. Hardware and network installations.

Advancia - 7/1994 - 4/1996

   Served as Site Manager for ground and surface water sampling at remote US Government locations. Responsible all facets of sampling operations, including meeting federal government regulations for sampling integrity and personnel safety. Trained all team members in proper techniques for sample collection and preservation.


   Hans Kruse, Mark Allman, Jim Griner, Shawn Ostermann, Eric Helvey. Satellite Network Performance Measurements Using Simulated Multi-User Internet Traffic. March 1999. Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Telecommunication Systems. A PDF version is also available.


Ohio University - Athens, OH - 8/1996 - 8/1998
   Master of Science in Computer Science - August 1998. Cumulative GPA - 3.66
   Thesis Title: An Efficient Approach to Statistically Accurate Background Network Traffic.

Tufts University - Medford, MA - 8/1989 - 5/1993
   Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering - May 1993.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology - Alexandria, VA - 8/1986 - 6/1989


  • Python - 4 yrs
  • C - 4 yrs
  • C++ - 1 yr
  • Java - 3 yrs
  • Perl - 14 yrs
  • PHP - 12 yrs
  • TCL/Tk/Expect - 5 yrs
  • JavaScript - 16 yrs
  • Linux Administration - 19 yrs
  • OOA/D - 15 yrs
  • Design Patterns - 10 yrs
  • Database Design - 10 yrs
  • PostgreSQL Administration - 17 yrs